American History bears records of some of the smartest and dumbest leaders in the world history. The 45th president, Donald Trump is one of a kind. The self-proclaimed billionaire has exhibited a number of times that he is either uninformed on the requirement of the law or just doesn’t give a damn. More than 4,500 lawsuits have been filed against him and his businesses.


From tax evasion to immigration laws, President Trump seems to have broken all the laws that you can think of including educational laws. Here are 16 instances of these violations.


1. Misusing corporate resources


It is no news that Melanie Trump plagiarized the inauguration speech of the previous first lady, Michelle Obama. However, there is more to it. The speechwriter, McIver, worked for Trump Organization, not in his campaign team and was never paid by the campaign team for her services. This is against federal laws that prohibit the use of corporate services without proper compensation.


2. Deceptive business practices

During his “Make America Great Again” campaign, Trump launched his book, “Crippled America.” He promised that the proceeds from the book would go to charity. There are no records of such contributions. The law categorizes such as consumer fraud, or deceptive business practice.


3. Charitable Solicitation laws


During the campaign period, Trump said that the products that bore his names such as the Trump University, Trump board game, and Trump Vodka always went to charity. Statistics, however, show that only a few dollars have gone to charity from Trump Vodka. There are no records of charitable contributions from Trump University.


4. IRS self-dealing law

The IRS prohibits officials of nonprofit organizations from using money in their charities for the personal use or self-dealing. In 2012, Donald Trump won an auction for a Tim Tebow helmet and jersey for $12,000. However, it was paid for through a cheque written by Donald Trump Foundation, his charity organization.


5. 18 US CODE Section 599

This statute makes it a criminal offense to promise appointments to individuals when soliciting for their support during campaigns. In an interview on Newsmax TV, on March 14, 2016, Ben Carson hinted that Donald Trump had promised him an advisory role in his government if he (Ben Carson) endorsed him. Unfortunately, it seems Trump never kept his promise.


6. Election’s self-funding law

According to election laws, it is an offense for a candidate to rent out their commercial property for their campaigns if donors fund the campaign. However, the expenditures of Donald Trump shows that over $6 million was paid to Trump owned businesses during the campaign period.


7. Wisconsin Election law


On the date of the election, Trump was caught on a video chatting with voters on the queue at a polling station. The supporter who took the video seemed not to know she was collecting evidence showing Trump breaking the Wisconsin election laws. The law prohibits holding campaign activities less 100 feet from a polling station.


8. State Education law

Trump had set up the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, also known as Trump University to teach his entrepreneurial skills. However, in 2014, the Supreme Court found that he had broken the education law by running the school without proper licensing. He faced additional charges of misleading and robbing over 5000 students who signed up for his entrepreneurship class. The college had closed in 2010.


9. Copyright law


Denver based photographers, Robert Rozinski and Wendy Shattil, filed a lawsuit against Trump for President Inc. for using their copyrighted images without permission. Donald Trump had chosen the image of the American bald eagle as a representation of his unflinching direct persona.


10. Immigration and labor laws


Before receiving a global criticism for the immigration laws he had in mind, Trump had already broken a few of the existing ones. In 2014, Jamaican fashion model, Alexia Palmer accused Trump Model Management of promising to pay her $75,000 annually while staying in the US. She had only received $3,880.75 at the end of three years.


11. Anti-discrimination laws


In 1991 nine employees at the Trump Plaza sued the billionaire’s casino for violating anti-discrimination laws at the request of a famous gambler Robert Libutti. Libutti was infamous for his open hatred towards women, blacks, and other minorities. Instead of upholding the law by keeping him out of the premises, Trump obliged to his request of keeping this class of people from Libutti’s tables.


12. Sexually harassing women


Trump is one of the few world leaders who are on record for admitting to harassing or assaulting women sexually. The fact that he dismissed the public uproar terming the revelation as a locker room talk does not make it legally acceptable.


13. Sales tax laws


In the mid-1880s, the attorney general of New York listed Trump among 200 wealthy people who had fraudulently avoided sales tax. They had bought expensive jewelry at a Manhattan Jeweler and had an out-of-state address put on the receipts. The mayor, Ed Koch said that Trump deserved a 15 days jail term.


14. Working with and defending criminals


Donald Trump’s history as a businessman is dotted by business deals with hardcore criminals and mob bosses. Gamblers were flown to his New Jersey Casino by the helicopter services of the convicted drug smuggler Joseph Weilchsebaum. Others include racists and violent swindlers such as Felix Sater and Robert Libutti.


15. Bribing prosecutors


Former Attorney General of New York, Greg Abbott found the Trump University to be an illegal institution with a worthless education. However, he never filed a case and later received from Trump a $35,000 campaign donation. The same happened with Pam Bondi who as the AG of Florida remained mum on the complaints against Trump. She finally received a $25,000 from Trump Organization during her re-election campaign.


16. Obstruction of Justice


As a president, Trump’s first major brush with the law was his request to James Coney, the former FBI director, asking him to drop investigations against Michael Flynn. General Flynn had been the centre of a grand jury investigation in which the FBI was an active participant. Such action was a violation of section 1512 of the 18 US Code.

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