Like the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This definitely holds true for children of famous celebrities. These tots often inherit their parents’ superstar good looks and talents. However, the work ethic and personal skills that helped launch their parents to the top of their fields is often completely lacking in the more privileged progeny. Hidden by the shade of their parent’s fame, their problems usually don’t catch the public eye until they’ve gone completely off the deep end. Here are 20 celebrities whose children might best be described as rotten to the core.


Indio Downey (Robert Downey Jr.)


Robert Downey Jr. was well-known for his drug and alcohol-fueled escapades as a young actor in Hollywood. Eventually, he was able to clean up his act. It seems, however, that his son Indio may have inherited his dad’s penchant for illicit substances. At the age of 24, multiple arrests for drug possession and public intoxication already mar his record.