Animal attacks are a common cause of either human injuries or fatalities. In the U.S. alone, up to five million people are attacked by dogs and cats each year, with the frequency of animal attacks varying depending on geographical location. In the U.S., an individual is more likely to be killed by domesticated animals than they are to die from being hit by lighting. When agitated, hungry, or scared, animals go back to their true nature – the instinct to survive no matter the cause. Here is a look of some of the 20 most insane animal attacks.


1. A Drunk Man Killed After Jumping Into a Tiger Enclosure


A 22 year old drunk man, Maqsood, is said to been attacked and killed by an endangered tiger after jumping into its cage at an Indian zoo. Once inside the enclosure, the tiger went ahead grabbing him by the neck and biting him. By the time helped reached him, he was dead.