Donald Trump’s Sons Vow To Pay For African-Americans To Leave The U.S. (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s kicks are on the road to being almost as bad as he is. Both Donald Jr., and Eric Trump appeared on Fox News to discuss their father, and made some inappropriate remarks during their interview.

Host Ainsley Earhardt mentioned that Trump has his fair share of detractors, including black celebrities like Raven-Symone, Whoopi Goldberg and Al Sharpton, who have said they would leave the U.S. if Trump is elected president. To which Donald Jr., replied, ‘I’ll buy them their airfare. I’m more than happy to chip in.’

Soon after his brother, Eric Trump, remarked that those comments only helped their father, and was seen as an endorsement. The younger Trump said, “Those are endorsements for Trump. That’s the thing — when you have the establishment people in the debates, and they stack the debates with a thousand people that are all booing, those are votes for us. Because the people in the audience watching at home are like, ‘Wait a minute — he’s saying what I’m thinking.’ I love that. That’s as good an endorsement as we could possibly get.”

That is a horrible way of thinking, and of course, not surprising. Being divisive is how Trump got to be the frontrunner, and that’s not going to change. Let’s just hope the democratic nomination can make the majority of Americans understand this.

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