Donald Trump Loses It During CNN Interview (Video)

Donald Trump’s campaign has been one overshadowed by incredible violence, and that violence is only getting worse and worse BY THE DAY. After the cancellation of a rally in Chicago, there have been repeated calls for Trump to tone down the rhetoric, and speak out about the violence and his contribution to it. But of course, Trump being Trump, he has decided to play the victim.

On CNN, Trump had an interview with Jake Tapper about this issue, and when called on his responsibility for the violence, he had a hissy fit. He basically blamed everyone but himself, including Bernie Sanders, and said that if Sanders denies it, then “Sanders is a liar”.

Tapper questioned Trump about the violence, and whether a real leader would incite violence, saying, “People are getting hurt and people are actually concerned that somebody might get seriously, seriously injured. You are not taking down the temperature. You are, in the views of many of your fellow Republicans, making things worse, inciting, encouraging violence. And you’re a leader, sir. You’re the front-runner in the Republican Party.”

Trump then tries to interrupt, saying, “Excuse me, excuse me! My fellow Republicans are running against me, they are losing bigly.”

BIGLY. (And by the way, bigly IS indeed a word. I was surprised too.)

Trump then lost his temper and attacked his opponents and accusing Tapper of not covering his campaign rallies truthfully, which is incredibly ironic since it seems all CNN does is cover Trump. After the last CNN debate, CNN spoke with Trump for 10 minutes right after the debate. The night of the Michigan primaries, CNN covered Trump’s speech in full… a full 30 minutes…it was basically a Trump infomercial for his steaks and water, which aren’t even products anymore.

Tapper then said, “I would just ask as a fellow American if you could consider whether or not dialing down the temperature, might be a healthier thing, both for your campaign and for the nation the nation at large.” To which Trump responded, “Well, you should report it right because we’ve had no injuries at my events. So, you know, do what you have to do.”

Never Trump’s fault. It is Bernie’s fault or the media’s fault…never his own.


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