Donald Trump’s Inlaws Making MILLIONS Off Of Obamacare

Donald Trump doesn’t like Obamacare, and promises to repeal it as soon as he becomes president. He has called Obamacare “a horror,” “a big, fat, horrible lie,” and a “total catastrophe.” But it turns out that one of his in-laws is attempting to make millions on an Obamacare start-up called Oscar Health.

Oscar Health is helmed by Joshua Kushner, the brother of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law. Trump adores Jared, who is daughter Ivanka’s husband, saying, “Jared is a very, very successful real estate entrepreneur in Manhattan.”

Oscar Health describes itself as “the first health insurance company created for consumers in the new world of the Affordable Care Act.” It launched in New York state in 2013 as a licensed health care provider selling to individuals and families in the marketplaces created by Obamacare.

Co-founder Mario Schlosser said, “I don’t think we could do this without Obamacare. You’d have to break into a market that’s been pretty ‘oligopolized’ with big insurers catering to brokers, agency houses and big employers. But now we have a direct connection to the consumer.”

Forbes called Oscar the “Obamacare startup” in a headline about its $1.5 billion valuation last April. Since then, Oscar’s estimated value has almost doubled: A few weeks ago, the company got $400 million investment from Fidelity at a $2.7 billion valuation.

Kushner has said he had the idea of a health care start-up after trying to understand an insurance bill, saying, “I’m overeducated and I had no idea what it all meant.” Kushner co-founded the company with two of his friends from Harvard Business School, and they timed Oscar’s launch so that it aligned with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. Kushner also said that “a pair of Obama 2012 operatives were brought onboard to oversee” Oscar’s canvassing campaign before the open-enrollment deadline.

So, I guess Obamacare isn’t that bad after all. Once again, we see Trump as a hypocrite, as you know he could care less about the health care of American’s, and only cares about how Obamacare could benefit him. Since it is benefiting his family, I don’t see him getting rid of it, and is only saying that to pander to his uneducated and idiotic base.


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