Trump’s New Running Mate ALREADY In TROUBLE

Not soon after word got out that Donald Trump’s will most likely pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, tweets were uncovered that show Pence doesn’t agree with Trump very often.

Unlike the New York real estate mogul, Pence is a fairly typical Republican, a social and economic conservative who espouses traditional small-government ideas.

Trump and Pence disagree on abortion. In March, Trump said he backed “punishment” for women who get abortions if they are banned. He later backtracked, saying women who get abortions illegally “punish themselves.” Trump’s initial statement attracted widespread condemnation, including criticism from Pence.

“Governor Pence does not agree with the statement made by Donald Trump,” Pence’s office said in a blunt statement in March. “The Governor believes that it’s important to focus on policies, as we advance the sanctity of life on those that are performing the abortions.”

On free trade, A cornerstone of Trump’s campaign has been his assertion that, if elected, he will make it difficult for foreign manufacturers to compete by placing tariffs on goods made abroad and shipped to the U.S. Last month, Trump blasted the Trans-Pacific Partnership in a speech on trade at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, calling the TPP the “greatest danger yet.”

Pence has been a longtime campaigner for free trade.

And concerning Trump’s proposed Muslim ban…this tweet says it all:

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