The Trump/Pence Logo Is Being RIDICULED Across The Internet!

Here it is:


Donald Trump didn’t just get Mike Pence as his running mate Friday. He also got a new logo, and the wisecracks started flying on social media.

An email sent by the presumptive Republican nominee’s Make America Great Again Committee features the new insignia: An interlocking blue T and P (for Trump and Pence), with the T going through the white space in the P. To the left are four red stripes and three white stripes, imitating the American flag.

Below the logo is Trump’s name, in its usual font and blue color, and Pence’s name below in slightly smaller type, and in red.
Twitter lit up with jokes about the interlocking letters looking sexually suggestive. “What is the T doing to that P?” the longtime former Democratic Rep. John Dingell quipped.

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