Potential Veep Pence Gets BURNED By Donald Trump Already!

Picking a running mate is probably one of the most important decisions a presidential candidate can make, since they are possibly picking a potential president, and without the public’s say so. And Donald Trump not only chose a terrible pick, he did it in a terrible fashion.

Apparently, Mike Pence’s name was leaked as the VP running mate, and was possibly leaked from someone within Donald’s own campaign, trying to pressure him into choosing Pence. Trump’s other choices were Gingrich and Christie, neither of which are much better…but they are at least better than Pence.

Trump was initially going to announce his choice on Friday at a news conference, but he cancelled that in solidarity with the victims of the Nice attack. Of course The Donald couldn’t stay away from the media that long, and released his choice on Twitter (so meta).

Now sources in the campaign have told CNN that Donald was second-guessing his choice and tried to weasel out of choosing Pence around midnight:


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