Trump Has BREAKDOWN On Stage…Admits He’ll Lose To Clinton

Donald Trump held a news conference Friday morning, with a giggling Mike Pence by his side. Trump was his normal crazy self, and went off on Ted Cruz and Cruz’s refusal to back him.

Trump said: “He’s fine. I don’t want his endorsement. If he gives it, I will not accept it, just so you understand. I will not accept it. It won’t matter. Honestly, he should have done it. Because nobody cares. And he would have been in better shape for four years from now. I don’t see him winning anyway, frankly. But if he did, it’s fine. Although maybe I’ll set up a super PAC if he decides to run. Are you allowed to set up a super PAC, Mike, if you are the president to fight somebody?”

So why would Cruz need to position himself to run in 4 years….if Trump is President? That was a total giveaway that he doesn’t think he will win…which is fine with us!


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