BOMBSHELL Revelation – Trump Worth Just A FRACTION Of $10 Billion!

Apparently, and to no one’s surprise, Donald Trump isn’t worth the $10 billion he often refers to at his rally. A 2012 Securities Exchange Commission filing has further called into question Donald Trump’s oft-repeated claim that he’s worth more than $10 billion.

According to a statement filed by Wells Fargo Securities in 2012, Trump in 2011 reported “a net worth in excess of $4.2 billion and liquidity in excess of $250 million.”

The 132-page filing on securitization of mortgages on Trump Tower and other properties included the following statement: “The sponsor is Donald J Trump. Mr Trump has significant commercial real estate holdings worldwide including interests in office, retail, residential, golf-clubs and hospitality properties in markets including New York, San Francisco, Florida, Washington DC, and Scotland. As of 30 June 2011, Mr Trump reports a net worth in excess of $4.2bn and liquidity in excess of $250m.”

A Wells Fargo spokesman told the U.K.-based publication that the filing was accurate. The newspaper said the Trump campaign did not respond to calls to comment.

Maybe this is why Trump won’t release his tax returns?

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