Chelsea Clinton DEMOLISHES Ivanka And Donald Trump

Last week at the Republican National Convention Ivanka Trump introduced her father Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President while she gave a speech about equal pay for women, which came as a shock because her dad has shown zero interest in the topic during his year-plus political campaign. Donald went on to make no reference to it during his own speech, leading to the question of just what the heck Ivanka was talking about. Now it turns out her personal friend and political rival Chelsea Clinton has scored a mic drop moment on Ivanka.

“Given it’s not something that he has spoken about, there are no policies on any of those fronts that you just mentioned on his website, not last week, not this week,” Chelsea Clinton responded when asked by a participant in an online chat event. “How would your father do that?”

Although Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump have been known to be friends, that’s surely been strained by the increasingly bitter campaign for President between Chelsea’s mom Hillary Clinton and Ivanka’s dad Donald Trump, who have made clear that they won’t think much of each other as candidates or people. Those negative words have not spread to the daughters. But in this rare instance where Chelsea addressed Ivanka directly in a political context, it left the latter with no room for response.

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