THIS Hollywood Celebrity Attended The DNC…And Conservatives Are LIVID!

During Wednesday night’s edition of the DNC, the cameras constantly cut over to the Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper, who received an Oscar nod for his portrayal of the late sniper Chris Kyle, a right-wing icon. His presence at the DNC irked a bunch of conservatives who think that movies are real.


Many Twitter users blasted the Hangover star after discovering that he is, in fact, a Democrat.

You see, many Republicans were under the impression that Bradley Cooper bled blue because of his riveting turn as the late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle in the blockbuster film American Sniper. Kyle, aka “The Devil of Ramadi,” is a conservative icon, and since the film was directed by none other than Clint Eastwood—you know, the fella who stole the show at the last RNC by talking to an empty chair—it stood to reason that Cooper was a Republican, too.

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