The Democratic Convention KILLED In Ratings…Guess What Trump Is Doing Now?

The Democratic Convention blew the Republican Convention out of the water…beating the RNC in ratings all 4 nights of their respective conventions. And we all know how much Trump LOVES ratings…after all, he gets the BEST ratings of ALL TIME!

But now, Trump is distancing himself from the Republican Convention, and basically saying he had no part in running them, and simply showed up the last night to give his speech. Yeah, right!

In an interview with The New York Times, Donald Trump seemingly downplayed the role he played in planning the Republican National Convention, saying he just showed up for his speech.

The Times asked Trump about why his convention seemed haphazardly thrown-together, unlike the very coordinated and on-message Democratic convention and unlike Republican conventions of the past. “I didn’t produce our show — I just showed up for the final speech on Thursday,” he responded. In a departure from his usual rhetoric, Trump even declined to say which convention he thought was better. “I’ve liked both shows,” he said.

Trump’s sudden distancing comes after media reports indicated that he was heavily involved in the planning of the convention, while simultaneously betraying his ignorance of how conventions actually worked. The Times reported that Trump didn’t even realize that the convention had to be held in Cleveland and tried to change the venue so he could enter in a helicopter. The Democratic National Convention has pulled in more viewers in ratings compared to last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Trump actually wanted to arrive at his convention in a helicopter! And you just KNOW Trump had a hand in every part of that convention. Remember his WWE-style entrance when he introduced his wife Melania before her plagiarized speech?

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