GOP Lawmaker Posts Horrible RACIST Meme Of Obama – Blames Hackers

An incredibly racist meme — featuring former president Ronald Reagan feeding a chimp — that appeared to be shared on the personal Facebook page of the chairwoman of the Delta County Republican Central Committee, is apparently the work of hackers. Yeah, right.

Linda Sorenson is chairwoman of Colorado’s Delta County Republican Central Committee, and last week posted the following image to her personal Facebook wall, with the text, “I’ll be damned … Reagan used to babysit Obama”:


According to Vic Ullrey, vice-chairman of the committee, this is just the liberal media trying to ruin an honest Republican. Ullrey said, “This whole thing is a hoax. Someone got into the Facebook somehow. It was hacked and somebody got into it, definitely.”

When asked why Sorenson was the specific target of the alleged hacking — possibly a federal crime, if true — Ullrey said, “I have no idea,” later adding, “Just to damage the Republican Party, no doubt. … Just to make us look bad.”

However, this doesn’t coincide with what Sorensen original said about the meme. Sorenson says the chimpanzee image was just meant to be a joke, and “I really don’t care if people are offended by it.”


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