New Post-DNC Poll Shows A LANDSLIDE Lead For THIS Candidate

Following the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton has pulled ahead of Donald Trump in a CBS poll. According to the site, 46% of voters across the U.S. say they would vote for Clinton in the general election, while 39% said they’d vote for Trump. That’s a change from the virtual tie (according to CBS) following the Republican National Convention.

Other polls claimed that Trump was further ahead of Clinton following the RNC. Clinton has climbed four points from her position before the DNC, according to CBS. Trump had garnered a two-point bump after the RNC. President Obama received a similar bump to Clinton’s in 2012 and 2008, but President Bill Clinton had achieved a whopping 13-point bounce following his DNC in 1992. When the CBS poll includes those who are leaning one direction or another but have not decided, Clinton leads Trump by about six points. About 90% of voters say their minds are already firmly made up about their choice for presidential candidate.

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