BREAKING: Trump Campaign Imploding – Workers Threatening To Do THIS!

Well, not everything is good in Trumpland. It appears Donald Trump’s campaign team is falling apart, according to reports from Tuesday night.

A friend of campaign chairman Paul Manafort said the team leader is no longer fighting the Republican nominee on how to run the race and has given up.

Can you imagine how bad it must be…to even threaten suicide???

The crazy thing is that this wasn’t the result of some scandal aimed at the Trump campaign. This is all literally because he couldn’t take the success of the Democratic convention. His campaign is falling apart because he’s a petty, jealous man.

Clintons’ been through Emailgate, Benghazi, including an hour-long political grilling, told since time immemorial that no one likes her, etc…and Trump falls apart because she had a better campaign than him.

And would;t this just be amazing?

But Trump’s senior communications adviser Jason Miller tried to lay the rumors to rest, saying the campaign is in good shape despite a difficult last few days for the boss.

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