Fox News Releases New Presidential Poll – You WON’T Believe This!

As if Donald Trump’s week couldn’t get any worse. A new poll out from Fox News shows that Hillary Clinton is beating him by 10 points. Remember, this is a Fox News poll.

12% of Republicans polled say they would vote for the Clinton-Kaine ticket, as opposed to 5% of Democrats who say they would vote for Trump-Pence.

There’s pretty clear overall dissatisfaction with both party’s nominees. First, 41% of Democrats would rather Bernie Sanders be their nominee, while 49% of Republicans would love literally anyone else leading their ticket.

And on the question of trustworthiness, they are basically tied. Both have 36% saying they’re honest and trustworthy. 61% say Clinton’s untrustworthy. 62% say the same for Trump.

But 65% consider Clinton qualified to be president, compared to 43% for Trump. And way more people think Clinton has the right temperament than Trump.

But then there’s the question of Trump’s reactions to Khizr Khan‘s blistering speech. Trump suggested that a grief-stricken mother didn’t speak because she was Muslim. It was because of her grief. Well, unsurprisingly, a whopping 69 percent of those polled say that Trump’s attack was “out of bounds.” Only 19 percent said it was in bounds, and 12 percent didn’t know.

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