Trump Stoops To NEW LOW – Makes 10-Year-Old Child DO THIS!

Tuesday’s rally in Ashburn, Virginia was truly a mess for Donald Trump. Things happened that I would never imagine happening during a general election. He booted a baby, accepted someone’s purple heart, and then this happened:

From the The L.A. Times:

A school-age child at a Donald Trump rally on Tuesday stood up and yelled “Take the bitch down” after the candidate mentioned Hillary Clinton. His mother later defended the child’s right to speak and blamed his language on “Democratic schools.”

The child, who looked no more than 10, was sitting next to his mother in the media section.

The mother identified herself in a brief interview with a small group of reporters as Pam Kohler of Mount Vernon, Va., but she would not name her son or say how old he is.

“He’s a minor so he can’t be interviewed,” Kohler said.

“I think he has a right to speak what he wants to,” she said.

Asked where he learned to speak that way, she answered, “Democratic schools.”

As more reporters began surrounding her, she walked out of the auditorium at Briar Woods High School, where the rally was held, using a Trump sign to block cameras. Behind her seats was a school sign, encouraging good behavior: “Trustworthy, Respectful, United, Excellent.”

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