Larry Sabato, King Of Political Predictions, Says Hillary Clinton Is A Shoe-In (VIDEO)

Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia Center for Politics appeared on The Kelly File on Fox News Thursday night with his newest prediction for the national electoral college, and it ain’t pretty…for Donald Trump.

To win the presidency, the winning candidate needs 270 electoral votes. Using Sabato’s calculations, Hillary Clinton will win 347 votes to Donald Trump’s 191 votes.


Sabato said, “We don’t rely simply on polling,” and he also said Clinton will have “a very healthy win,” but not technically a landslide.

“Polls go up, polls go down, and right now Hillary Clinton has an incredible convention bounce but some of that will fade quickly,” he admitted.

“It’s early August — lots of things happen. But Donald Trump has got to make lots of things happen,” Sabato offered, before discussing the GOP nominee’s disastrous week. Sabato told Megyn Kelly that Trump’s best bet to win the White House would be for him to firmly remain focused on two issues: the economy — “which he should be talking about morning, noon, and night” — and terrorism. “Those are the two things that can elect him.”


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