Donald Trump Loses Key Endorsement, Hillary Clinton REJOICING!

Boy, it’s been a rough week for Donald Trump. I don’t think he did ANYTHING right. To end his horrible week came the news that the Harvard Republican Club will NOT endorse Trump, something that hasn’t happened in the 128 year history of the tony club.

In a strongly worded post on Facebook, the Harvard Republican Club announced that it was “ashamed” of Trump and would not support him in the November election.

“Donald Trump holds views that are antithetical to our values not only as Republicans, but as Americans,” the club wrote. “He isn’t eschewing political correctness. He is eschewing basic human decency.”

The decision not to endorse the Republican nominee comes as an immediate response to his attacks on the Muslim-American parents of a soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2004, which drew wide condemnation from both parties.

“The last week should have made obvious to all what has been obvious to most for more than a year. In response to any slight – perceived or real – Donald Trump lashes out viciously and irresponsibly,” the club writes. “In Trump’s eyes, disagreement with his actions or his policies warrants incessant name calling and derision: stupid, lying, fat, ugly, weak, failing, idiot –and that’s just his ‘fellow’ Republicans.”

This is the first time the club has not endorsed the GOP nominee in its 128 years of existence, according to the club. In a poll of Harvard seniors taken this May, just four percent of graduating students said they would vote for Trump.


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