Why You Shouldn’t Trust The Polls – And Why You Should Be Scared (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton is leading in all the polls. Some of it is post-convention bounce, and some is just that people are realizing that Trump is crazy. But these polls can be misleading, and especially this early in the game, people can’t get too comfortable with Hillary’s lead.

According to pollsters, there is a “secret Trump vote.”

Longtime Republican pollster and Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway explained on the Today show that the hidden vote is seen when anonymous online polls are compared to phone call interview polls where people have to be more public in stating who they support. So basically, there are a lot of people out there who support Trump, but aren’t willing to admit that publicly, even on the phone.

For example, the new Reuters poll had Trump and Hillary Clinton just three points apart, where others that are phone survey based out Sunday showed a greater gap.

“The Reuters poll, which is an online poll, where Donald Trump is three points behind Hillary Clinton nationally, and I think that the important point to note there is that when you have online polls as opposed to telephone polls, Mr. Trump tends to do better, and that’s because the online polls approximate the ballot box, where you’re issuing your vote privately,” she said.

“We think there’s a big hidden Trump vote in this country,” said Conway, who added that Trump internal polls project “tighter” results in battleground states.

What does this mean? Don’t get complacent when you see Hillary with a strong lead…it has never been more important for you to get out there and vote, and not just for Hillary, but for your democratic congressman and senators.


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