Hillary Makes MASSIVE MISTAKE, Donald Trump Celebrating This Win

The newest poll from Monday shows Hillary Clinton with a 13 point advantage over her rival, Donald Trump. However, according to an email she sent out to her supporters…she is scared she will lose the election to Trump.

The email had the following headline: “He may still beat me.”

Clinton is expected to raise nearly $1 billion in this election cycle, but is still worried that Trump might outspend her. Even though Trump’s fundraising came very late in the game, he matched her fundraising haul last month and that’s putting serious discomfort in Hillary’s camp.

Do you think Hillary is really worried, or is just using this as a fundraising ploy?

Here is Hillary’s email in its entirety:


This week, we learned that Donald Trump and the Republicans raised more than $82 million in the month of July.

This is the same man who mocked a disabled reporter and has called women “fat pigs.” The same man who took the stage at the Republican National Convention and told the world that his vision is to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, deport millions of immigrants, and repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving countless Americans without health care.

He’s unqualified and unfit to lead our country — but the unfortunate reality we must confront is that he still might be able to win if he spends enough to convince voters otherwise.

This team has what it takes to defeat him — I know that. But I need to know you’re with me right now. Will you chip in to get your Team Hillary sticker and make sure that we win in November and build a future for our country that we can be proud of?



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