Trump Gets HAMMERED By Elizabeth Warren Over His PATHETIC Economic Speech

Donald Trump held a speech on Monday, where he attempted to explain his economic plans for the country should he become president. Looking to cast himself as a candidate for the working class, Trump’s agenda was a mix of business-friendly regulatory proposals with a hard-line stance on trade.

Apparently, Elizabeth Warren was watching. And she was not particularly pleased. And as she is wont to do, Warren responded on Twitter. According to Warren, Trump’s economic plan would primarily benefit the rich, the same group by which she said it was crafted.

And this is true, as the economic advisory council announced last week by the Trump campaign included multiple billionaires, as well as some of the Republican presidential nominee’s biggest campaign donors.

In his speech Monday, Trump also said he would reduce the corporate and federal income tax rates, and said he would place a “moratorium” on any new regulations.

And her final zinger:

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