Hillary Clinton INCITES Donald Trump, Trump PANICKING And Running Scared

No one wants to see Donald Trump’s taxes more than Hillary Clinton. Clinton, who has released 10 years of her FULL tax returns, feels like the rest of us…that Trump is hiding something big.

Now Clinton plans to release her 2015 tax returns “in the coming days,” according to a source close to the Democratic nominee, a move that appears designed to pressure Donald Trump to release his own tax information.

Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, and his wife Anne will also release their returns for the past 10 years, the source said.

Trump has so far refused to publicly disclose his tax returns, claiming it would be unwise to do so because they’ve been under a routine audit by the IRS for years. But Democratic critics have scoffed at that explanation, speculating that Trump doesn’t want bad publicity surrounding his tax avoidance strategies or a possible lack of charitable giving. Furthermore, many speculate the IRS “audit” could be a lie, since Trump refuses to release the letter from the IRS stating he is under audit.

Clinton — who frequently hammers Trump on the campaign trail for shielding his tax documents — has posted to her website the prior eight years of her returns, extending through 2014. CNBC reported on Thursday that the new documents will show Clinton’s effective tax rate at about 35 percent, and that her charitable donations come in at roughly 10 percent, citing unnamed sources.

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