This Statistic About Republicans And Obama Will Make You Cry, Then Angry

Every day we see and hear Donald Trump make outrageous statements, which he constantly backs up, and which his supporters blindly accept…who needs fact checking? Donald Trump and his campaign of demagoguery has drowned out otherwise newsworthy political developments for over a year now.

“On other campaigns, we would have to scrounge for crumbs,” one senior Hillary Clinton adviser told Time recently. “Here, it’s a fire hose. He can set himself on fire at breakfast, kill a nun at lunch and waterboard a puppy in the afternoon. And that doesn’t even get us to prime time.”

Just this week alone, Trump informed his supporters and the media that there is no use in waiting for any so-called “presidential pivot,” before he proceeded to suggest a second Amendment remedy to a possible Clinton win and accused President Obama of being “the founder of ISIS.”

While Trump was accusing President Obama of being the mastermind behind the Islamic State, NBC News released a very revealing poll finding that seems to have been underreported.

72% of registered Republican voters still hold doubts about the President’s citizenship, even as his second term in office enters its final months.

NBC  Poll

And you know who is behind this ridiculous assertion? Let’s take a look at some of Trump’s tweets:

And in case there are any doubts:


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