Trump Is Trying To Cover Up This MAJOR Lie… US Soldiers Are FURIOUS

Trump has told a lot of lies (Obama and Clinton founded ISIS), and done a lot of awful things. But this lie probably is one of his worst.

Trump has said that back in 1991, he sent his private jet to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina to bring home some injured Gulf War soldiers whose military flights had been cancelled. Now, we all know Trump NEVER does anything good from his heart…there is always something in it for him. So based on that alone, we know the story is most likely false.

And sure enough, it is a lie. Here is what really happened. In 1989 Trump bought the Eastern Shuttle, a regional airline that flew between New York, Boston and Washington, DC. Trump quickly changed the name of the airline to the Trump Shuttle, which was an obvious Trump move.

Buying the airline was a terrible business decision. He overpaid for the airline, and ended up buying five extra planes that he didn’t need. So he leased those five planes to the Army, which used the planes for various reasons, in order to free up military aircraft. And in 1991, those leased planes were used to fly troops home from Camp Lejeune. So Trump never ferried troops from from war…planes he LEASED (for money) did so…Trump was not involved at all.

Does this matter? Probably not, because Trump’s supporters don’t seem to care about his crooked past, just as long as he keeps promising them jobs and to keep the Mexicans and Muslims out. And compared with insulting a Hispanic judge, attacking a Muslim family that lost a son in Iraq, and expressing his hope that someone will murder Hillary Clinton. But it is such a Trump move. He takes credit for a charitable act even though it’s a flat-out lie that’s trivially easy to fact-check and debunk. He doesn’t care. He know that guys like Sean Hannity will hype it to his credulous Fox News audience, and if they do find out it was a lie, they won’t care.

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