Trump Proves To Be The Ultimate Hypocrite, Invites Alleged Pedophile To Rally

Oh Donald, you are such a hypocrite!

Just a day after Donald Trump called out Hillary Clinton due to the father of the Orlando Pulse mass-shooter Omar Mateen, Seddique Mateen, sitting behind her in the audience during a rally, it turns out Trump has some explaining to do of his own, and in this case there may be no way to explain it away.

At Wednesday night’s rally in Florida, visible just over Donald Trump’s shoulder was former congressman Mark Foley, who resigned after he was accused of sexual relations with several underage boys.

Mark Foley was accused of having used email and instant messages to make sexual advances to underage pages who had previously worked for him in Congress, and he ended up resigning in 2006 over the matter, having been alleged of being a pedophile but never charged. Foley was spotted just behind Donald Trump at a campaign event this evening, and seemed to be making no attempt at disguising his identity or keeping a low profile. He was seated in the section where the campaign knew the cameras would spot him, just behind their candidate.

Regarding Seddique Mateen, When the issue was brought to Clinton’s attention, the campaign made it clear that they hadn’t recognized the man and weren’t aware of his identity when they allowed him to sit in the section visible to the cameras. Trump made a big deal of the matter and insisted that if anyone is sitting behind the candidate, it’s for a reason.

That means the Donald Trump campaign will have a difficult time explaining away the presence of Mark Foley, as he’s sufficiently high profile within Republican political circles to have almost surely been recognizable to whoever on the campaign staff allowed him to sit directly behind Trump. In fact Donald Trump had a history of donating to Mark Foley’s campaign while he was still in Congress, so it’s clear the two are familiar with each other.



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