Trump’s Campaign In TURMOIL After Pres. Obama Convinces FIVE Major GOP’s To Vote For Hillary (VIDEO)

Republicans are bailing on Donald Trump faster than The Donald can say “YUUUUGE”. And they are bailing even faster after a disastrous weekend for Trump, with his support of hackers from Vladimir Putin’s Russia to violate our national security, and his vicious attack on the Khan family, after their impassioned speech at the Democratic National Convention.

During this time, President Barack Obama gave an incredible speech on the 3rd night of the Democratic National Convention, and it was probably one of the best of his career. Even Republicans were fawning over his speech once he was done.

John Podhoretz (speech writer for Reagan and George H.W. Bush):

Erick Erickson (conservative blogger):

Tim Miller (Jeb Bush’s spokesman):

Rory Cooper (Republican strategist):

Noah Rothman (editor, conservative journal Commentary):

And Tuesday, Obama gave a speech where he full on called Trump unfit to be president, and reached out republicans asking them how they could possibly support such a man.


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