Trump REFUSES To Release Tax Returns, Guess What Else He Won’t Release?

On Friday Hillary Clinton released her 2015 tax returns, and running mate Tim Kaine released the last 10 years of tax returns. In doing so, they urged Donald Trump to do the same.

We probably shouldn’t hold our breath. If Trump wasn’t hiding something, he would’ve released them by now.

But guess what else he isn’t releasing?

1. Mike Pence’s tax returns: Tim Kaine released his tax returns from the past 10 years on Friday. Aides to Pence have yet to say if he will do the same.

2. Melania Trump’s immigration records: Given Trump’s firm opposition to illegal immigration, questions have been raised about Melania Trump’s journey to becoming a U.S. citizen. Trump said earlier this week that his wife plans to soon release documentation at “a little news conference.” That news conference has yet to be scheduled, and Trump has yet to release documentation of his wife’s path to legalization.

3. Proof of charitable giving: Trump has been repeatedly asked to provide documentation of the millions of dollars he has claimed to have given to charity, but thus far, no records have been released.

4. College application and transcript: In 2012, Trump insisted that Obama release “his college records and applications.” Trump has yet to do the same.

5. Medical records: Presidential nominees usually release their health records. In 2008, John McCain released more than a thousand pages of medical records. In July 2015, Clinton released a two-page letter from her doctor the results of several lab tests. In December, Trump released a four-paragraph letter from his personal doctor stating that a recent medical examination “showed only positive results” but didn’t get into much detail.

So, what do you think Trump is hiding? Should he be required to release the above information?

Let us know in the comments below!

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