Trump Stoops To New Low, Accuses Hillary Of Cheating…And WORSE (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is already looking for excuses for when he loses to Hillary Clinton in November. Now Trump is saying that the only way he can lose in Pennsylvania is if there’s cheating.

Trump told a rally in Altoona, Pennsylvania that he plans to watch certain parts of Pennsylvania closely on Election Day. He’s noting that he’s had huge turnout for rallies in the state as evidence of what he says is overwhelming support. If rally attendance were a sign of large voter turnout, Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic nominee.

Trump says he wants to ensure that Hillary Clinton’s supporters don’t vote multiple times. He’s citing concerns about voter fraud.

In 2014, a Pennsylvania judge struck down a law requiring voters to produce state-approved photo ID in order to vote.

Trump has repeatedly questioned the integrity of the nation’s voting system, an unprecedented assertion by a modern presidential candidate.


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