Hollywood Star BURNS Donald Trump, Accuses Of Being MENTALLY ILL

This isn’t the first time someone has accused Donald Trump of being mentally ill. And I think most people have a good feeling that Trump is at least a narcissist.

Well, Hollywood heavyweight Robert De Niro thinks Trump is one sick man.

De Niro says Donald Trump is like the main character of the legendary 1976 movie “Taxi Driver,” the mentally disturbed Travis Bickle. During a Q&A session Saturday at the Sarajevo Film Festival, De Niro said, like Bickle, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate is where he shouldn’t be.

If Trump should win, Trump said “God help us.” (We agree)

De Niro says the media, which he claims has given Trump too much attention, are now starting to say “come on Donald, this is ridiculous, this is nuts, this is insane.”

At the end of “Taxi Driver,” Bickle goes back being a cab driver, De Niro noted. Let’s hope Trump loses and just disappears back into his world of real estate, but I doubt that will happen.

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