Trump Spokeswoman Tells ANOTHER Lie, Anchor Takes Her Down On LIVE TV (VIDEO)

Our favorite Trump spokesperson is back in the news. Katrina Pierson went on CNN this morning and told Victor Blackwell that Obama invaded Afghanistan, saying, “Remember, we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time. Barack Obama went into Afghanistan, creating another problem.” She continued, “Barack Obama went into Afghanistan creating another problem.”

That is obviously not true. President Bush invaded Afghanistan in 2001, in response to the 9/11 attacks. Barack Obama did not become president until 2009. When Bush invaded Afghanistan, Obama was an Illinois State Senator.

When Obama did end up winning the White House in 2009, the war in Afghanistan was still going on. And Obama made ramping up U.S. presence there a central plank of his foreign policy platform during his campaign to be president. Too many resources had been spent on Iraq, he repeatedly argued, and not enough on the country from which al Qaeda actually planned the attacks.

Pierson most likely mistook Obama’s announced surge in December 2009 ― the outgrowth of his campaign policy ― as an actual invasion. But it wasn’t.

We have no idea how Pierson still has a job, because her making gaffes like this is common.


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