Here’s How Obama Punished His Daughter For Smoking Weed

During the Democratic National Convention President Obama’s daughter was off having fun at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. During the festival, she was captured on camera smoking what looked like a marijuana cigarette.

Now, we know President Obama is no stranger to marijuana. President Obama famously wrote about his experiences with marijuana, and said he was a member of a pot-smoking group in high school that called themselves the “Choom Gang,” after the Hawaiian slang word for marijuana, “chum.” He even admitted to drug use in his own autobiography.

And the marijuana debacle happened right after Malia was caught on tape dancing…some say provocatively. We just say she was being a teenager.

So, when the Obama’s headed to Martha’s Vineyard for their annual summer vacation, it was time for Malia and her father to have a little talk:

So, what do you think they talked about?

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