6 Years Ago Hillary Did the UNTHINKABLE to Trump, Now He’s Seeking REVENGE

If there is one thing Donald Trump cares about, it’s PR and his public image. And if you try to damage that…he will be your enemy for life.

Could Trump’s hatred of Hillary be all over a wedding?

Trump, now somewhat infamously, had invited Bill and Hillary to his third wedding years earlier, to Melania (then) Knauss. According to an excerpt shared with Politico’s Playbook Trump expected an invitation to Chealsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010 in return.

Joe Conason, the author of a forthcoming biography of Bill Clinton, said, “The real estate mogul was the sort of person who, though not an actual friend, still aspired to attend Chelsea’s wedding, which he clearly considered a prestigious event. Having given Bill Clinton free access to his northern Westchester golf club, Trump National, where he proudly hung photos of the former president-and had even cleared the links once for the Clintons to play on Bill’s birthday, Trump may well have felt they owed him.”

Trump was reportedly so convinced that he deserved to be there that he called Clinton advisor Doug Band seeking advice. “I’m supposed to be at the wedding, Doug,” Trump said, according to Conason. “But I didn’t receive the invitation, and I need to know where to go.” He writes that Band told him to reach out to Chelsea herself for directions—something the billionaire apparently didn’t go so far as to do.

A spokesperson for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But it is good to know that Trump, transgressor of societal norms, politeness, and often, general decency, draws the line somewhere, and apparently it stops at wedding crashing.


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