The Wall Street Journal Just Gave Trump The Worst News EVER — This Changes Everything

Wow. First, know that The Wall Street Journal is a CONSERVATIVE leaning newspaper. They have been pretty quiet about Trump, but have had no problems eviscerating Hillary Clinton at every opportunity they could.

Now the WSJ has written an op-ed that basically tells Donald Trump that it is time for him to bow out of the race.

The piece, entitled “Trump’s Self-Reckoning,” argues that Trump’s decline in the polls shows how his bombastic style continues to alienate him from crucial undecided voters. He has the votes of his base…but those votes aren’t NEARLY enough to get him to 270.

Trump has been warring with and blaming the media for much of the past week, but even though WSJ agreed that there is a liberal bias to the press, it doesn’t excuse Trump from the same challenges that Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush had to face themselves.

The WSJ then criticized Trump’s ground game (of which there is none), and then expressed similar concerns as The New York Times with how Trump’s staffers have lost hope of making him more disciplined and presidential.

The WSJ wrote:

“Trump’s advisers and his family want the candidate to deliver a consistent message making the case for change. They’d like him to be disciplined. They want him to focus on growing the economy and raising incomes and fighting terrorism.

They think he should make the election a referendum on Hillary Clinton, not on himself. And they’d like him to spend a little time each day — a half hour even — studying the issues he’ll need to understand if he becomes President.

Is that so hard? Apparently so. Mr. Trump prefers to watch the cable shows rather than read a briefing paper.”

After naming names of the supporters who enabled Trump, the op-ed continues to say that Republicans who lack confidence in his effort will have no choice but to focus on down-ballot races to keep control of the Congress. With time running out for the general election, the piece concludes by suggesting that one of the most productive things Trump could do is abandon his own effort and let his running mate salvage what he can.

And in the ultimate diss, the WSJ wrote, “…He needs to stop blaming everyone else and decide if he wants to behave like someone who wants to be President—or turn the nomination over to Mike Pence.”

The Wall Street Journal actually thinks Mike Pence is better than Trump. That is how bad Trump is.

Do you think Mike Pence would be a better choice?

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