BREAKING: Congress Takes Action Against Clinton, Could Spell Trouble For Campaign

Will the Republicans ever leave Hillary Clinton alone? I mean, how many MILLIONS have been spent investigating this woman, MILLIONS that could be used for veteran services, healthcare, or child services?

The FBI has sent members of Congress the notes from its July interview with Hillary Clinton about her private email server on Tuesday, on the request of House Republicans.

“The FBI has turned over a number of documents related to their investigation of former Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email server,” a House Oversight committee spokesperson told NBC News in a statement. “Committee staff is currently reviewing the information that is classified secret. There are no further details at this time.”

The classified notes will not be released to the public.

Clinton was interviewed by five or six agents on Saturday, July 2nd at FBI headquarters in Washington. On the following Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI would not recommend prosecuting her .Come testified two days later, on July 7, to a House committee. When members asked for a copy of the interview notes, he said “We will provide you with whatever we can under the law and under our policy.”

He also said the notes were classified Top Secret. An FBI official said Monday that since last month’s hearing, FBI lawyers have been reviewing whether the notes can be turned over and whether any redactions were necessary.

So, what do you think the Congress will do with the notes? Spend another $8 million investigating Clinton, which will amount to nothing?

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