Trump Accuses Hillary Of Being Elitist, While Ivanka Takes “Quick” Vacation On Mega-Yacht (PHOTOS)

One of Donald Trump’s popular tropes is that Hillary Clinton is an elitist, that she makes a ton of money off of speeches, and is involved in “pay-to-play” scandals.

This is coming from a man who’s daughter Ivanka, who happens to be one of, if not his top adviser, is off vacationing on a $200 million yacht off the coast of Croatia.

Ivanka was spotted jet-skiing and sunbathing on billionaire David Geffen’s mega-yacht, accompanied by her husband Jared Kushner, and friend Wendu Deng Murdoch, the girlfriend of Vladimir Putin.

Vacationing with David Geffen is an odd choice for Trump, since David Geffen was one of the earliest supporters of Barack Obama and donated to both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Geffen is a noted Democrat, and a huge donor and fundraiser for the party.

Gaffe he called Hillary ‘an extraordinary, smart, accomplished woman’ who he would ‘absolutely’ support in 2016 while speaking with Maureen Dowd of The New York Times.

So, we have to ask…who is the elitist here, and why is she hanging out with a buddy of Hillary Clinton?






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