Donald Trump’s New Campaign Manager Is The DEATH KNELL For Trump’s Campaign

As Popeye says, “I Yam What I Yam”.

Well, Donald Trump says the same about his obnoxious and bombastic self, and he didn’t appreciate his campaign staff, led by political heavyweight Paul Manafort, trying to tame him, and make him into someone he is not.

So, Trump has brought on a new campaign “CEO”, Stephen K. Bannon, who is the Chairman of Breitbart, the extreme right-wing website that basks in its many Hillary Clinton conspiracies, with one of the current ones being that Clinton has either epilepsy or Parkinson’s Disease.

The hiring of Bannon by the Trump campaign is a sign that the campaign is unlikely to change its combative way with the media. Bannon has allegedly been telling Trump for months to run as an unabashed nationalist. I am excited just to see how “restrained” Manafort actually had him (answer: not at all, but hopefully a little). I want him to say even more insane things than he already has.

Kurt Bardella, a former spokesperson for Breitbart who ended his relationship with the site earlier this spring, said, “If you thought that the relationship with Trump and the media was combative before this, pull any headline Breitbart has ever written about the media and you’ll get an idea of what tone and tenor you can likely expect from a Steve Bannon–led campaign.”

Bardella continued, “Steve Bannon operated as the dictator of Breitbart. He is someone who is prone to a lot of tirades and acts as a bully. If anyone thought Corey Lewandowski was challenging that way, wait till someone gets a curse-laden phone call from Steve at any hour.”

“He’s a genius political operative. The folks in the media who are laughing at him really don’t understand what he brings to the table” said a former Breitbart staffer, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. “He’s also extremely malicious and vindictive. He has an incredibly short temper and an even shorter attention span. A megalomaniac.”

In addition to Bannon, pollster Kellyanne Conway has been promoted to campaign manager. Conway brings her pollster and strategist background to the Trump camp and already serves as an adviser to the campaign. Promoting her to campaign manager will allow her to work more closely on messaging and traveling with Trump, according to the campaign’s statement.

Neither Conway nor Bannon have any experience running a presidential campaign in a general election, but Trump says, “I want to win. That’s why I’m bringing on fantastic people who know how to win and love to win.”

Read the Trump campaign’s statement HERE.

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