George Bush Drops BOMB On Trump, Can’t Remain Quiet Anymore, Trump Goes CRAZY!

Does it surprise you that George Bush can’t vote for Trump? Bush is the ultimate establishment politician, and the populist Trump probably makes him sick. Plus, there was that whole “low-energy” Jeb issue.

Well many of you may recall that Donald Trump tormented Jeb Bush during the recent campaign trail. Unlike most political feuds that resolve shortly after a candidate is nominated, Trump’s insults towards the Bush family may have cut too deep… However, on the other hand, the Bush family struggles to embrace Hillary for obvious reasons related to her political stance.

In keeping with their strong Republican roots, you’d expect Bush to be voting for the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump. So what candidate did the former President decide to support?

Bush has announced that he is endorsing no one! Bush is unwilling to endorse Donald Trump, so he is going to respectfully sit this election out. Do you think this is the right decision or should they support Hillary? [Please share your thoughts in the comments section below]

This isn’t too surprising. George W. Bush has stayed out of the limelight since leaving office except for supporting his brother Jeb’s campaign. It probably wouldn’t go over too well in the Bush household to have someone support a candidate who was so mean to Jeb. Trump has also been hammering George W. Bush on the Iraq War.

What about the rest of the Bush family? Barbara appears to loathe Trump. Jeb has already said he will not vote for Trump. Laura hinted she may have already decided to vote for Hillary. And one of his closest former colleagues, former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, has already endorsed Clinton.

It is interesting that a former Republican president won’t be helping a fellow Republican in his quest to win the nomination. I absolutely love it. I wonder if they will go as far as to vote for Hillary, or just sit this one out?

Do you think the Bush family should support Hillary?

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