Donald Trump Gives Himself DISTURBING Nickname, We Should All Be VERY CONCERNED

Donald Trump loves nicknames. The most famous of which is Crooked Hillary Clinton. He dabbled with Hillary Rotten Clinton for a while, but Crooked seems to be his favorite.

We can never forget his nickname for Florida Senator Marco Rubio, which was “Little Marco” nickname, leading some to actually question if the man is too short for the Presidency.

Likewise with Meet The Press host Chuck Todd, who got dragged into the epithet wars when Trump slammed his repeatedly as “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd.”

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will now forever be known as “Pocahantas” in many conservative circles because of the Donald’s word games, and of course, the number one target for Trump’s bullying during the primaries Jeb Bush is going forever — forever — be thought of as “Low Energy” because of Trump’s masterful branding.

And now, it would appear as if the real estate titan has finally nicknamed himself: Mr. Brexit


Brett, or British Exit, was the UK referendum that was preferred by British Nationalists, who wanted to break away from the EU. The Brexit campaign was highly favored by Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, and a man who is somewhat of a doppelgänger for Trump. Witness:

Johnson Trump

Brexit was a HORRIBLE choice for the UK. In fact, London and Scotland voted against it. Now, the UK is no longer a part of Europe. Free borders will be no longer, and free trade is gone. It is a devastating decision for the British, and many immediately wanted to cancel their votes after they realized Brexit was passed, and it was called “Regrexit”.

The fact that Trump wants to be known as “Mr. Brexit”, is incredibly scary, and we should ALL be concerned.

What do you think of the nickname? Can you think of a better one?

Let us know in the comments below!

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