EXCLUSIVE: Narcissistic Trump Once “Autographed” A Nine-Year Old’s Face (PHOTO)

Back in 1990, when Donald Trump was just a “real estate developer”, he “autographed” a nine-year-old’s face with permanent marker, because she didn’t have a piece of paper for him to sign instead.

As told by Jordan Reid, a friend of Rachel, the girl who was “autographed”, Rachel was at Wollman Rink, the ice-skating rink in Central Park that Trump famously renovated. Rachel’s elementary school class was invited to the rink for press event, and after the event all the kids surrounded Trump looking for his autograph.

Then, as Rachel recalls:

We gathered around and smiled for the cameras. After the press pics, my classmates gathered around him with pieces of paper for him to sign. I didn’t care at all about getting his signature, but I stood in the group with everyone else, because that’s how school events work.

Trump went down the line, got to me, and saw I had no paper. So he took my head in his hand, tilted my face up, and signed my forehead in permanent marker.

Yes, this is just a small incident from the past, and not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. But it does show what a narcissist Trump is…that he felt he could just grab a child’s face and write, with permanent marker, on her forehead, without even asking. It is incredibly inappropriate, and shows blatant disrespect.

Who will vote for this man, and WHY?

Rachel Trump Forehead

h/t: Ramshackle Glam

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