NEWS ALERT: Widespread PANIC Erupts After Trump Finally Reveals Strategy To Defeat ISIS (VIDEO)

According to Trump, terrorism should be our biggest concern, and ISIS is about to attack America any day now. So, Trump must be studying and preparing policies regarding ISIS, correct? After all, he could be president in two months.

Trump has claimed he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS that he can’t talk about in public so as not to tip off the terrorist group. He also said during a speech earlier on Wednesday that he would give military leaders 30 days after he took office to come up with a plan to defeat ISIS. When Matt Lauer pressed him on this seeming contradiction, he said within a matter of seconds that he both currently has a plan and has yet to come up with one.


Another great moment of the town hall was when former Marine officer Phil Klay asked Trump what his postwar plans would be if he ever sent troops to war in a foreign country. Trump often attacks the lack of post-invasion planning in Iraq, but he stumbled with Klay’s question and mostly rehashed his frequent demand that the United States should have taken Iraqi oil as the “spoils” of the 2003 US invasion (which Trump, despite his claims tonight, supported at the time).


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