BREAKING: Obama’s Reputation in Jeopardy After Secret Service Attempts to Cover Up NEW Malia Scandal

It looks like the dancing incident, and the pot smoking incident, isn’t slowing Malia Obama down. And despite being on vacation with mom and dad, it appears that Malia still wants to party.

According to the Boston Herald, the first daughter, who seems to have a well-developed eye for a good night out, attended a party on Martha’s Vineyard that ended up getting shut down by the cops.

The Herald claimed the “rowdy” party in quiet West Tisbury, where the first family is spending its annual summer trip, was closed down because of noise complaints, but that “Malia, of course, was escorted home by her Secret Service squad, who, we’re told, got her outta there right quick when the heat showed up!”

The day after the party the first daughter went on a long walk with her dad near their vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s not clear what exactly the president and his eldest daughter discussed after the wild night out but it’s hard to imagine that Malia’s week of scandals didn’t come up.

Do you still think this is just teenage behavior?

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