Trump Adviser Makes HORRIFIC Statement About The Holocaust, Campaign Trying To COVER-UP

Now this is just awful. Reportedly, one of Trump’s top advisers is a holocaust denier.

According to complaints by former colleagues, former Department of Defense inspector general Joseph Schlitz bragged about firing Jewish employees and questioned whether the Holocaust could have killed as many Jewish people as widely reported.

In one of the complaints it states, “His summary of his tenure’s achievement reported as ‘…I fired the Jews.’ In his final days, he allegedly lectured [former top Pentagon official John] Crane on the details of concentration camps and how the ovens were too small to kill 6 million Jews.”

Schmitz has adamantly denied ever being accused of such anti-Semitism, but three ex-colleagues have cited his controversial remarks, including one person who has testified under oath about them.

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is an orthodox Jew. I wonder what he thinks about this?

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