Trump Caught LYING About His Taxes Again, No Way Out This Time, He’s OVER!

Everyone wants to see Donald Trump’s taxes, as everyone wants to know what exactly Trump is hiding. However, Trump has repeatedly said that he will break with 40 years of tradition and refuse to release his tax returns because he claims he is under an IRS audit.

Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, confirmed that the returns would not be released before the election. Even though experts have said that there is nothing about an audit that would prevent someone from releasing their tax information.

But a Newsweek report published Wednesday says that Trump’s excuse may be a straight up lie. If Trump is indeed under audit, as he has claimed, he should have received a letter from the IRS informing him of the investigation.

From Newsweek:

To back up the contention that he is being audited, Trump’s campaign earlier this year released a letter from his tax lawyers stating that he was under audit. That leaves the public having to take the word of Trump’s paid legal advocates. There’s a more definitive option: The real estate developer could very easily produce documentation from the Internal Revenue Service stating that he is under audit.

Newsweek reports that Trump has so far failed to produce even this audit letter, which would bolster his excuse.

Without Trump’s tax returns, voters are forced to just believe Trump’s claims about his business dealings, his donations to charity, his net worth, and whether or not he is even a billionaire at all.

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