Kirstie Alley SHREDS Pres. Obama With BRUTAL Tweets For The Most RIDICULOUS Reason!

Ugh. Has-been actress Kirstie Alley is pissed off at President Obama. The reason? That he remained in Martha’s Vineyard on his family vacation instead of going to visit Louisiana, which has been hit with devastating flooding.

First, Obama has given the State of Louisiana federal emergency funds, and all the federal support they need. In addition, Obama has spoken with Governor Edwards, and asked him when he should visit. Gov. Edwards told him to wait…because Obama’s visit would be a distraction that would pull first responders away from more important work (like saving flood victims).

Anyway, apparently this isn’t okay for Kirstie Alley, a fervent Scientologist who hasn’t been successful in Hollywood for almost 15 years.

So she did what has-been actresses are known to do…she tweeted:

The president will visit the site of intense flooding in Louisiana next week as part of the ongoing federal response to the natural disaster.

Trump visited Louisiana last week with running mate Mike Pence, where he gave out autographs and Play-Dough.

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