WHOA! Donald Trump Did Something He’s NEVER Done Before!

Donald Trump has been in the news almost every day for the INSANE things he does and says. But he’s been quiet for last 2-3 days, and apparently, the Los Angeles Times thinks that’s worthy of a cover story!

Here is the front page of the LA Times on Saturday. Trump gets a headline for being a good boy for a fews days, like a preschooler who puts away his toys three days in a row.

LA Times Trump

According to the story, Trump gave a good speech, he ran some TV ads, and he visited Baton Rouge (even though the governor asked him to wait). The first was plainly aimed at his white base, not at the African-Americans it was putatively meant for. The second is the bare minimum that any presidential campaign is expected to do. And the third was pure pandering and a chance at a great photo op.

But apparently this is all Trump needs for a headline in a major US newspaper.

Hillary’s been good for what…a year and half? Where’s her headline?

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