BREAKING: Melania Trump Caught Lying Under Oath, MAJOR Trouble For Trump Campaign

A new report from the website Racked.com purports that Melania Trump lied under oath about her educational history, stating in a deposition that she graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree, when that is not true.

It’s a rather convoluted story. A few years ago Melania was beginning a skincare line, called “Melania”.

Per The Slot:

Essentially, according to Racked, the skincare line “imploded” about a year after she signed a deal with Indianapolis-based New Sunshine LLC, which was started by multimillionaire Steve Hilbert and militant conservative billionaire John Menard. The convoluted story of the brand’s demise reportedly goes like this: Menard reportedly fired Hilbert from an investment company they ran together; Hilbert refused to leave; Menard sued Hilbert; Hilbert countersued Menard; Hilbert’s wife Tomisue also sued Menard, claiming she’d been pressured to have a threesome with Menard and his wife. Eventually, Melania Trump was sued as well in an attempt to void her contract; she eventually sued New Sunshine for $50 million and settled for an undisclosed sum.

In 2013, Melania was asked in a deposition, “Would you please explain to the Judge your formal education including what schools you attended and from which you graduated?”

She replied: “I attended and graduated from design school, from Fashion and Industrial Design school and also attended, graduated from architecture degree, bachelor degree.”

Here is a screenshot of the deposition:


Does it matter?

Honestly, I don’t care that she didn’t graduate from college. What I think is important though, is the lie, and that there seems to be a pattern of lying. Why not just admit she didn’t graduate and put this all to rest?

What do you think?

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