Guess Which 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Is ALREADY Prepping For A 2020 Run?

Remember over a year ago when there were 17 republican candidates, and the idea of Trump being the final winner was something we would laugh at? Those were the days!

Well, one of those candidates isn’t waiting for Trump to lose, and is already prepping for his 2020 campaign for president. John Kasich is visiting New Hampshire this weekend, which is a critical early primary state that plays a key role in the GOP nominating contest.

Kasich is inviting his top supporters in the state to what’s being dubbed as a thank-you reception at the Concord Country Club, to be held Sunday evening. In an invitation obtained by Politico, Kasich’s chief political strategist writes “During his campaign, Governor Kasich grew to love New Hampshire, its beauty, its people, and its First in the Nation role. He looks forward to connecting with many of his supporters on the 28th. We hope that you can join us for this special evening with the governor.”

Kasich considering running in 2020 isn’t a huge surprise. Kasich does not like Trump, whom he has refused to endorse. Last month, Kasich refused to attend the Republican National Convention, even though it was being held in his home state.

Additionally, Kasich recently said that he doubts Trump can win Ohio, a must-win swing state.

As Trump plummets in the polls, the group of Republican would-be 2020 contenders is beginning to take shape. Tom Cotton has begun visiting a number of early primary states. Ted Cruz has also remained politically active since exiting the 2016 primary.

So, do you think Kasich has a chance in 2020?

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